Supervision and Consultation

Steve is a recent graduate from a master’s degree counseling program. He’s had a full experience at an internship as part of his program. He’s now interested in seeing several clients privately as he gains hours toward LPC licensure.

Dana has left her job at a mental health agency and is expanding her private practice that has been part time until now. She is surprised that she feels isolated and yearns to discuss and review her work with a supervisor. Dana has lots of energy to be creative and curious; she’d like to be supported in expressing this energy in her work with clients.

Rhonda has a client she finds challenging. She feels stalled out week after week. She can’t seem to break through what feels like impenetrable negativity. The focus of the treatment seems to be a moving target. Rhonda would like to be supported in reviewing her client and developing a treatment plan.

Ron has been working with a client for several months. They have been focusing on family relationships and past trauma. Although this work has felt beneficial, Ron is beginning to question whether a more thorough diagnostic evaluation might be in order. Ron would like to run all of this by an experienced clinician.

Although the above examples are composites to protect confidentiality, I have worked with the proverbial Steve, Dana, Rhonda and Ron. And each of them have found our supervision very helpful.

Psychotherapy as Craft Guild

There is something to be said for experience. It takes time to learn how to work with others and it requires ongoing effort to stay fresh. Offering counseling to others is a never ending path of learning. Many professional friends, colleagues and supervisors have helped me on my path. I find it an honor to offer that support to others.

Kathy’s Experience

Here is the condensed version:

Work in agencies as a crisis worker, child and family protective services worker, family services counselor in several rehabilitation programs, clinical director of a transitional living program for persons with traumatic brain injuries.

Adjunct faculty member at Naropa for 20 years involved in supervising internships, clinical training and clinical tutorial.

Certified as an Approved Clinical Supervisor (ACS).

Supervising graduate counseling interns at the Boulder College of Massage Therapy Counseling Center for the last 5 years. BCMT has been a highly valued internship site for Naropa students for many years.

Licensed as a professional counselor since 1992. Private practice since 1992.

Supervision Style

My approach to supervision is steeped in the contemplative view and is relationship based. My first goal is for us to create a relationship where it feels safe for you to be open and honest, to bring your fears as well as your successes, your seeming mistakes as well as timely interventions. The ground of relationship sets the stage for curiosity and engagement. The outcome is often a sweet sense of compassion for the client and his or her circumstances and for one another.

Please feel free to contact me to discuss the possibility of working with me as your supervisor. I also invite you to download my free report “Depression and Bipolar Recovery: Routine Rhythm and Reflection” to learn more about mood disorder recovery.